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Donnlee Pump Tech has been servicing the Mining Industry for over 35 years and we are a leading mining pump manufacturer in South Africa. We understand the harsh conditions the mining industry has to offer and we understand the extreme conditions these mining pumps have to perform under. That's why we, as a leading mining pump manufacturer, designs and manufactures mining pumps that conform to the highest standards and are tested under the most arduous conditions to ensure maximum efficiency.

More About Mining Operations:

Effective water management is a critical part of both open-pit and sub-surface mining operations. The mine dewatering process lowers the water table around the mine.

  • Why mine dewatering:
    • To ensure the stability of the mine walls during and after the excavation. If the water table in an open-pit mine is too high it can destabilise the mine walls, haulage roads, and slopes. In underground mines, the inflow of water must be controlled to prevent flooding, but a balance should also be maintained to ensure that the groundwater levels are not needlessly depleted.
    • Another reason for mine dewatering is to improve production in the mine and reduce operational costs. When effective dewatering takes place in a mine it creates dry conditions so that materials such as sands, gravel, and clays can be safely excavated, reducing drilling and blasting costs. It also minimises wear and corrosion on equipment, but more importantly, the haulage costs for unsaturated excavated material is significantly less than for saturated materials, further reducing operational costs.

How can we assist you?

Donnlee Pump Tech is a leading mining pump manufacturer, specialising in the design, manufacturing and even refurbishing of mining pumps. Our expertise and experience as mining pump manufacturers, means that we fully understand our customers' needs. We are committed to delivering high quality products at competitive prices with unrivalled delivery times.

As an industry leading mining pump manufacturer we always strive to offer the best possible customer service along with our high quality multistage centrifugal mining pumps and replacement parts.

Because we place such high value in our products and services, we have gone the extra mile to ensure our customer's absolute satisfaction by achieving the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System that is recognized in 159 countries across the World.

We have also serviced a wide variety of clients over the years, such as leading South African Mines, as well as International Mines.

Why Choose Donnlee Pump Tech?

  • Over 35 years of experience in the mining pump manufacturing industry
  • Personalised, friendly service
  • Superior service and after sales service
  • Fully trained professional staff
  • Stocked with a full range of multistage mining pump spares
  • Fast mining pump repair / reconditioning service
  • Quality equipment from world leading brands

So if you are looking for a leading mining pump manufacturer, contact Donnlee Pump Tech today! Superior quality mining pumps at competitive prices.