We Supply Harland Parts for Pumps:

If you work in the mining industry, you should understand the industry's importance in the overall scheme of our growing economy. South Africa is a very rich country, mining most of the world's gold, silver, platinum and copper and these are just a few type of ores in comparison to the unfathomable riches of our country.

Another, somewhat annoying, facet of the mining industry is the continuous struggle to get quality parts for their machines. It's not that there are no parts available, quite the contrary, there are plenty of parts available. It's just that those parts aren't manufactured by internationally recognised companies. The South African mining industry usually procure machines from internationally renowned names like Sulzer, M&P, Attack and Harland.

Unfortunately, there are many companies that, rather than supplying their customers with quality parts, supply their customers with cheap knock-offs of these well-known manufacturers and, in doing so, they jeopardise that client's business. After buying the parts and installing them, they often break down, causing unnecessary downtime and inevitably costing the company more money. Also, ordering parts from other countries can take time. Recognising these problems, Donnlee Pump Tech steps in with the perfect solution. Instead of wasting money buying Harland part knock-offs, why not come and buy genuine Harland parts from us?

With over 35 years in the mining industry, we are well aware of the value of these parts and would prefer to supply our customers with quality Sulzer, M&P and, of course, Harland parts. By doing this, we allow our customers to get the parts they need and secure the success of their enterprise. In the mining industry, the term ‘down time' would probably be considered a swear word, not to be used in likeminded company.

Down time can spell the demise of any mining enterprise. With down-time, your machines don't work and, in turn, your labourers don't work.

Well, here at Donnlee Pump Tech, we want to make sure that this never happens to you. That is why we supply top quality parts from top quality companies like Harland to ensure that your mining operation continues to produce to the best of its abilities.