We Supply Sulzer Parts for Pumps:

If you work in the mining industry, you should know who Sulzer is. Undoubtedly, you have a few Sulzer pumps in operation at the site where you work. Sulzer is a Swiss industrial engineering firm, one of the oldest in Europe, founded in 1775 by Salomon Sulzer-Bernet. They specialise in the manufacturing of all types of industrial products, particularly for global mining industries.

Needless to say, with over 200 years of experience, they are one of the most prolific, most successful industrial engineering firms in the world. Also, as any mine employee can tell you, to have broken parts on a pump or any piece of mining equipment made by a foreign company can be somewhat of a bother, especially when getting the parts replaced. It can take anything from a few weeks to a few months to wait for the parts and, needless to say, without working parts your machines will be down and that is bad news for any mining enterprise.

In order to make money and to keep stock holders happy, a mine needs to constantly produce. Well, if you’re looking for replacement parts for your foreign made mining equipment; particularly Sulzer, you can come and pay us a visit here at Donnlee Pump Tech. We have proudly served the mining industry for over 35 years and we stock parts from mostly all foreign manufacturers, including Sulzer.

So, instead of waiting until kingdom come for parts arriving from Switzerland and having to put up with a long down-time, you can just get all the parts you need from us and face no down time. To our growing economy, mining is one of our greatest assets. South Africa is one of the world’s leading producers of minerals such as gold, platinum, silver and copper. So, needless to say, our mining industry depends on spare parts to keep their operations going and waiting for spare parts from other countries is simply not an option.

Well, here at Donnlee Pump Tech, we heartily agree. Why wait an eternity for spare parts, when you can just come here and buy them from us? With our personalised, friendly service and our fully trained, professional staff, you will soon realise that Donnlee is your answer for quality Sulzer parts.